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Reasons To Stay In A Serviced Apartment Instead Of Hotel

Reasons To Stay In A Serviced Apartment Instead Of Hotel

When you go to a place for a few days, you will think about thinking where you will stay. Some of the options that would come to mind would be a hotel and a serviced apartment. It is pretty evident that the latter would be the better option. Here are a few reasons why it would be best to go for a serviced apartment over a hotel:

You’re going to get a variety of apartments that would suit your budget. Thus, better take the time to look around and see the value you are going to get with the budget that you have. We all know expensive it can get at five star hotels especially if it is a popular one. You will notice that you will be able to save a lot of money the longer you spend your time there compared to spending it in a hotel where the costs will pile up.

When you need to wear some of your clothes more than once, your problem is immediately solved because there are a lot of laundromats in the area. These places will definitely take care of what you need in a short amount of time. There will always be that time in a week when you would want to do the house chores you have been meaning to do.

You will be given your own parking space and this would be beneficial if you are bringing your vehicle with you. Hence, there is no need to worry about when you are finally given your assigned parking space. It will be where you will park your vehicle after a long day. You won’t need to worry about finding a spot when you arrive home as there is already one reserved for you no matter what happens. In fact, there is a team that is assigned to make sure nobody steals your spot away from you.

While it is true how hotels have spas and gyms to keep you company, serviced apartments also have their own fair share of amenities. Not only can you relax in your own hot tub, you can also enjoy dinner while sitting in front of a roaring fire.

Now that you know that it would be better to stay in serviced apartments instead of hotels, better make a reservation at one of the apartments over at Maple Suite. They have a wide range of accommodations that would suit your budget. They even have room service in case you would want to just have food delivered to your room. In addition, there are a lot of areas of interest that are nearby including the KL Tower and the KL Bird Park as it is in a prime location. As a result, there are a lot of things to do when you book your stay there. Their well-mannered customer service team would also love to entertain all of your inquiries the moment you send them a message on their website or on social media.

Difference Between Hotel and Serviced Apartments

Difference Between Hotel and Serviced Apartments

Are you a serious traveler across the globe for business or company purposes? If yes, you would have certainly come across booking room for your stay in any hotels of a city where you travel. Your stay and living comfort in a hotel are mainly given importance by you when you are traveling. However, the question like are you really enjoyed your stay in a hotel? This question has got an answer from experienced customers like No because cost and sophistications are not up to the mark for them when they were staying in a hotel. They prefer exclusive serviced apartments for their affordability and sophistication. Hence, they prefer staying in Maple Suite, a serviced apartment and residence suite in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Why the Maple Suite serviced apartment is best suited to travelers?
Business and leisure travelers prefer Maple Suite serviced apartments because more space for stay is offered to the customers. This is not so in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur where you have to pay more with limited space at a higher cost. The customers can stay here for many days and nights in a comfortable way like home with all advantages. This serviced apartment is very convenient for staying customers to access shopping malls, restaurants, banks, clubs, and entertainment places.

What is the major difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment?
You are aware of a hotel in a well-defined way but what do you mean by a serviced apartment then. A serviced apartment is a furnished place for customers who have to stay short or long. The main difference is the space availability of a serviced apartment where you can have more rooms and facilities with modern equipment. Kitchen facilities are fully available to the staying customers which are not available in hotels. You can prepare the desirable home meals in the kitchen of a serviced apartment. You will also get all types of furniture for your sophistication whereas in the hotel you do not find the same. Unlike in hotels, you can stay for a longer period in a serviced apartment at an affordable cost. You can save money if you stay here.

Can we have facilities in a serviced apartment like a hotel?
You can enjoy unlimited facilities in a serviced apartment more than a hotel for any number of days of staying. Yes, in Maple suite serviced apartment you have got multiple facilities more than your homes such as living, study and dining rooms with a lot of space. These rooms are equipped with modern equipment to cope with your major expectations. The above facilities offered by the Maple Suite serviced apartment are enticing many customers here. The hotels in the same location do not have the sophistication expected by the customers. Moreover, this serviced apartment is located in a residential place, unlike a hotel which is located in remote or outside the city.

Top Things To Consider When Choosing Serviced Apartments

Top Things To Consider When Choosing Serviced Apartments

There will come a time when you would need to find serviced apartments. Hence, better find the one that would totally please you in every step of the way. Here are a few things to consider when you are at the point when you’re choosing among several serviced apartments.

When you have a car, you would need the serviced apartment to provide you with ample parking space. It would be difficult to arrive at home tired after a long day and you can’t find any parking space for yourself. It would be a lot better to just park at a space that is truly reserved for you so that there would be nothing to worry about.

Access to Public Transport
You need to think of your everyday travel from the serviced apartment to wherever it is that you need to go to whether it is the office or tourist spots. Thus, you would want to be near public transport terminals so going around the city would be a breeze. The last thing you would want to happen is to wake up late then have a hard time getting a cab. Now, you will really be late for work and you won’t know what to tell your boss.

Are Pets Allowed?
There are some serviced apartments that allow pets and some don’t. If you are bringing along your pets, you would need to double check if they allow your furry little friends. After all, it would feel great if you have your pet roaming around in your serviced apartment. It would also be awesome if you can leave them somewhere where they will be properly taken good care of while you are out for the entire day.

Nearby Amenities
Is it near the mall? How about the sports stadium? You would want to know what places the serviced apartment is nearby. If you have pets, it would be awesome if the serviced apartment is nearby parks so you can take it there for a work. That would provide you and your pet enough exercise as we all need that in our bodies.

Wifi Access
These days, it is important to have fast and easy access to the Internet. Not only is it needed for work, it will help you avoid getting bored when you are home alone. Not only must you have Internet, it must also be a really fast one.

When you want favorable living conditions, it would be best to check out Maple Suit for some wonderful serviced apartment options. They have a ton of options with regards to serviced apartments in area where you are considering of transferring for a few days or a number of days. Hence, the next thing to do would be to contact them and a member of their highly trained customer service team will be with you shortly regarding your inquiry. It won’t be long before you will be conveniently staying in the serviced apartment that meets all of your demands.